Backing up Remmina

How does one back up their Remmina settings and connection profiles?

I have been using Flatpak for a while. I like to install my apps from a single source. Hopefully, Flatpak will be a standard soon to all distro.

Apparently, there are two different locations if you are using the installer from Debian or from Remmina vs the one from Flathub. This is how I move around with my Remmina settings. Let’s start with the natural way which is the Remmina version from Debian or Remmina themselves.

The connection profiles such as RDP, SSH, etc and the preference are located in:


Now, if you installed Remmina from Flathub as I did. The location of these files is a bit different :

The connection profiles and the preference are located in:


The process is very simple. You would copy these files from the old system and move them to the new system location path based on where you got installation. If you have encountered issues like permission and whatnot, just change the owner and group to whoever the new user is going to be. For example, since I installed Remmina from Flathub the files final destination would be ~/.var/app/so I would change the owner and group to the new user.

sudo chown -R networkshinobi:networkshinobi /home/networkshinobi/.var/app/.org.remmina.Remmina/data/remmina
sudo chown -R networkshinobi:networkshinobi /home/networkshinobi/.var/app/.org.remmina.Remmina/config/remmina



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2 years ago

Thanks a lot!

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