I like XFCE


I really like this XFCE desktop environment. Everything feels lightweight and does not take up too much RAM. The cool thing is it is very customizable, so my first impression is very positive and the experience so far is pretty good.

I have been using elementary OS since 2016, and recently switched to Xubuntu. After installing Xubuntu, everything just works, unlike elementary OS. The only tweak that I did was to make my Xubuntu a bit of a makeover.┬áBy default, Xubuntu looks a little dated. I had to tweak the desktop just to make it look a bit modern – based on my standards.

I am not a big fan of installing a bunch of software/apps. So installing a bunch of apps would probably just slow down my laptop. I am still using my Macbook Pro 13″ 2012, and Xubuntu is running like a champ on this laptop.

Other than installing the software/apps that I needed from Flathub, and from the Debian package manager, I only installed an icon theme. I want to keep my desktop at minimal setup.

So yeah. Pretty good experience so far.


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