OpenMediaVault Remove Missing Disk(s) from Filesystem

omv missing hdd

I just encountered some annoyance in OMV. This is probably my fault in the first place. I replaced the 8TB HDD that I had on my backup OMV server without removing the references to it. What happened now is what you can see on the featured image above. I could not delete this disk entry in the File system section.

The proper way of removing a disk from an OMV server :

I did not do any of those steps and went ahead and removed the physical disk from the server and replaced it with a 10TB HDD. The problem I created was I could not removed the damn disk from the File System.

I had to modify the /etc/openmediavault/config.xml and manually deleted the code blocks related to the disk in question. In my case, I was using SnapRAID and MergerFS combination. I had to remove the blocks <drive></drive> and <mntent></mntent> that was related to the disk in question.

If you were to take this route, make sure you make a backup of the config.xml before modifying it.

Just to give you an idea, these are the block of codes I removed from the config.xml. If you have the same problem, but your setup is different, you would probably have to search the entire config.xml file to find the disk to be removed.

... omitted for brevity

... omitted for brevity
... omitted for brevity


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7 months ago

This worked for me!

I commented out the lines instead of deleting them but that worked as well.

Haha the captcha time expired. It needs to be given a look.

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