XRDP on MX Linux


I thought I would post about this one. I was trying to install XRDP to my MX Linux VM for my Apache Guacamole access. However, I encountered an issue. The issue was I get a black screen, but I can move the mouse cursor around.

To make a long story short. I was missing a package which is xorgxrdp. The snippet below is the full installation to get XRDP working on MX Linux.

sudo apt install -y xrdp xorgxrdp

Hope you’ll find this useful. Cheers!

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22 days ago

Thank you so much. That hint did it for my. also i made an $sudo adduser xrdp ssl-certs. Works like a charm. So i get access from any windows computer in local network to the MXLinux Distribution after spice will not work when i tried to get a direct contact to the VM.

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