What Wiki to use for my homelab?

I have been searching for a Wiki to use for my home and homelab for awhile now. Since this COVID-19 quarantine going on, I was able to tackle some of my personal projects. Back to the Wiki search, there are way too many options out there. There are paid ones and of course, there are free and open-source options as well. I, myself, preferred the FOSS option.

One of the tools that I used for searching is the WikiMatrix site. The WikiMatrix site has been very helpful to narrow down my options. You can compare each Wiki side-by-side feature-by-feature as shown in Figure 1. I would highly recommend to check out WikiMatrix if you are looking for Wiki for your home/homelab or for work, WikiMatrix is worth checking out. Another tool that I use is Reddit. To be specific, r/homelab and r/selfhosted have been really helpful.

Figure 1

So far I have narrowed it down between DokuWiki and Bookstack. When I used to work for Sentrium (VyOS project), we were using DokuWiki for documentation. I have been using Bookstackapp since it become available to Unraid’s CA. Bookstack is also very popular in r/homelab and r/selfhosted; however, at the time of this writing, Bookstackapp is still in beta.

These are the version of these two Wikis

  • DokuWiki – Release 2018-04-22b “Greebo”
  • Bookstackapp – Beta v0.28.3

The features that I am currently looking for are as follows:

  • LDAP authentication
  • Local admin account login
  • Draw.io integration
  • Easy to backup
  • Beautiful (optional, but nice to have)

Both DokuWiki and Bookstack support the features I am looking for a wiki. With Bookstack, all of these comes by default, it just a matter of configuring them. It is also really nice looking Wiki, but Bookstack doesn’t support themes. The DokuWiki, on the other hand, all of the features that I am looking for are done via plugins. These are the plugins for documentation purposes:

I need to copy some that I have from Bookstack to DokuWiki and compare. So far, I could not get the LDAP to work with Bookstack. It is something I need to fix for the time being. I will end this post here.

Also, I am interested to know what do you use for your homelab wiki and why did you choose it?


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