Unable to add a network printer on Xubuntu

unable to add a printer

This is a weird issue that I was getting with my Xubuntu laptop. I could not get add my Canon MX922 network printer to my Xubuntu laptop. If I add the network printer via the Settings > Printers, I get the error that shows in the featured image of this post above.

I have reinstalled CUPS, but it didn’t fix the issue. This can be a fix or a bandaid, but I was able to add my network printer via the web UI. This was what worked for me, and I just want it to share just in case someone has the same problem.

Enter the CUPS URL https://localhost:631 to your web browser of choice as shown in Figure 1

Figure 1

Under the CUPS for Administrators, click on the Adding Printers. and Classes.

Figure 2

Click on Add Printer as shown in Figure 3


If you get a login prompt, just enter your computer account’s login credentials

Figure 3

The next page is how we are going to add a printer. In my case, my system has discovered my Canon printer; therefore, I would select it. Otherwise, you may need to add your printer via Other Network Printers.

Figure 4

Accept the default or make some input changes about the printer then click Continue

Figure 5

Select the printer’s driver for your printer then click on Add Printer.

Figure 6

After selecting the driver, you are pretty much done. The next page would let you change some settings. You can make some changes to the printer’s settings or keep the default.

Figure 7

At this point, the new printer will show up in Settings > Printers as shown in Figure 8

Figure 8

You can change the printer’s settings either via the web UI or the Printers’ settings in Figure 8.

Hope you will find this helpful. Cheers!

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