TurnKey Nextcloud LXC NFS missing

I recently posted the TurnKey Linux’ Nextcloud container on Proxmox and I encountered an annoying issue with it. I could not figure out if the issue is from Proxmox, TKL Nextcloud LXC, or my NAS which is exporting the NFS share. The issue is the mount point disconnect after ~4 hours. Since my installation is based on NFS share for /data, when I logged in, I got the prompt that I do not have the .occdata in my data directory. When I checked the mount within the Nextcloud LXC via the command df -h, the output was not showing the NFS mount point. I also checked the Proxmox server and it was still able to access the NFS export.

Anyways, the workaround I found is to reboot the LXC container. Once the container has been rebooted, the mount point works again. To somewhat to automate the reboot. I have to create a cron file in the /etc/cron.d/ directory.

# Create a file in /etc/cron.d/
vim reboot_e4h

# Paste these two lines. This reboots the LXC container every 4 hours starting at 12 midnight
# run cron to reboot lxc to re-establish the mount point
0 0,4,8,12,16,20 * * * root 	/sbin/shutdown -r now

If I find a better solution or a fix, I will post about it. For now, LXC reboots takes 2 – 3 seconds so it is not hurting my services at all.

Hope you’ll find this useful. Cheers!

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