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VyOS and Torguard

I have been struggling trying to get the Torguard’s OpenVPN to work with my VyOS. Fortunately, Torguard supports WireGuard. WireGuard is probably the easiest VPN to setup. If you are using Torguard as your VPN provider, you are in luck. WireGuard is probably the best option. This post is how to connect VyOS to Torguard’s …

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DokuWiki with OpenLDAP authentication

I am using the Docker container from Linuxserver for my instance of DokuWiki. This post is about enabling OpenLDAP and the local admin account for authentication. I am using Univention Corporate Server (UCS) as my OpenLDAP server. You can use any other LDAP server such as FreeIPA, ClearOS, Turnkey Linux OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc. …

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Upgrading VyOS

I just want to say this and this is also has mentioned in the VyOS wiki that despite VyOS is based off Debian Linux, do not use apt upgrade or apt dist-upgrade; otherwise, you will break your VyOS instance. There are several ways of upgrading the system. The first one is to use the direct …

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