ShinobiCCTV an Open Source NVR – update 1


Not to long ago I posted the ShinobiCCTV as an Open Source NVR. Here is the my pilot phase update with the ShinobiCCTV.

I switched to Region motion detection from Full Frame Detection since recently learned that using the full frame detection would add CPU processing. If you do not care about some section or region to trigger motion events, there is no need to process that region and trigger a motion. Processing unnecessary portion would add overhead to the CPU.

In addition, I had to disable the auto-reboot on my Reolink cameras. Apparently, Reolink has this feature enabled by default and it reboots itself every 2AM. Somehow, this auto-reboot causing my ShinobiCCTV to stop recording after the reboot. I am not sure why, but for now, this Reolink feature is disabled.

I also recently bought a Wyze v2 camera. Apparently, the new firmware supports RTSP which what I use with Shinobi. I flashed the Wyze camera with this new firmware and Wyze seems to work with Shinobi. This camera does 1080p and really nice night vision. I had to disable the Internet access to my Surveillance subnet because I do not want any of these camera to call home.

Overall experience is great so far. I may post a how to add Wyze in a few days. This Wyze camera is really great because Wyze is really affordable and it works.


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