Proxmox SPICE console

What is SPICE? SPICE is designed for remoting into virtual machines and high bandwidth environment.

SPICE is disabled by default in Proxmox VE. If the default NoVNC doesn’t do the job, SPICE is another way to console into the VM. To enable Proxmox SPICE, there are two things need to have.

Power down the VM then the SPICE driver can be enabled in the VM Hardware settings. Navigate to Hardware, select Display then click Edit

  1. Select SPICE from the Graphic Card drop-down menu
  2. Increase the Memory if necessary. 32MB is enough to support high resolution
  3. Click OK
Figure 1
Figure 2

Power on the VM and the SPICE option will be available in the Console drop-down menu. Selecting the SPICE, will prompt you to download a file that can be opened by virt-viewer.

Figure 3

In Debian based system, to open the SPICE file, you will need to install the client. The client is called virt-viewer. Fortunately, installing the client is very easy. Use the following command

apt install virt-viewer

Double click the downloaded SPICE file and that should open the SPICE window.


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Ronny D'Hoore
Ronny D'Hoore
2 years ago

Thank you for taking the time to explain this! Actually the last 2 steps need to be to first install the viewer, and then download the SPICE file, because apparently the certificate in the file needs to be installed within 30 seconds after download, otherwise the connection is refused.

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