OpenMediaVault missing files in the Shared Folders

I recently encountered a problem. This issue is probably a bug in OpenMediaVault 4 script since I can replicate it every reboots and on my other instance of OMV.

Here are the symptoms :

  • Shared Folders (/sharedfolders) become empty
  • Docker container images are gone
  • VirtualBox virtual machines are gone

What I think was happening was related to MergerFS and encrypted disks. I use MergerFS to simplify my folders across all my disks. I also encrypt all my data disks. The issue started when I rebooted the server. Since my disks are encrypted and need to be decrypted before the system can access the data, I suspect this is the caused of the problem. Whatever script that mount the Shared Folders to /srv/ is failing because the data is not available for the script to access; therefore, the script fails to mount the Shared Folders.

The luckily these Shared Folders systemd unit files and they are located in /etc/systemd/system/. Each Shared Folders are named sharedfolder-foldername.mount. It would be a hassle to restart each folder especially if you have a lot of folders in Shared Folders. To restart the .mount unit files:

# To check the status of a single Shared Folder
systemctl status sharedfolder-appdata.mount 

# To restart a single Shared Folder
systemctl restart sharedfolder-appdata.mount 

# To check the status of all the Shared Folders 
systemctl status 'sharedfolder-*' --all 

# To restart all the Shared Folders 
systemctl restart 'sharedfolder-*' --all 

After restarting the Shared Folders, the services that use them need to be restarted as well. In my case, it would be Docker and VirtualBox. Restarting these services can also be done in the web UI by just disabling and enabling the service.

# Restarting the services in single command
systemctl restart docker virtualbox

The files, containers and VirtualBox VM(s) should show up at this point in the web UI. Hope you will find this helpful. If you have a better method of fixing this issue, please let me know.


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