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This post is going to be short. It is very helpful to get notified when the jobs have been completed or you would like to receive the output of the jobs. Notification can be done by enabling the email notification feature that comes with OpenMediaVault.

I am going to be using the Google mail service because it is free and secure. I would assume that you have enabled Gmail’s App Password.

  • Navigate to System > Notification
    1. Toggle Enable
    2. Enter in the SMTP server field
    3. Enter 587 for the SMTP port field
    4. Enable Use SSL/TLS secure connection
    5. Enter your sender email in the Sender email field
    6. Enable the Authentication required
    7. Enter your gmail’s email address in the Username field
    8. Enter your app password in the Password field
    9. Enter the recipient’s email address in the Primary email field
    10. Click Save
    11. Click on Apply and confirm
    12. Click on Send a test email
  • Make sure you received the test email; otherwise, there must be an issue with the credentials in steps 7 and 8
Figure 1


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Martin B
Martin B
4 years ago

Thank you so much for the description above. Especially “I would assume that you have enabled the Gmail’s App Password” 😀

(Openmediavault kept telling me that was unreachable, which made me in doubt of the correct port, encryption mode etc. when in fact it was my Google-account’s 2-step-verification that was blocking openmediavault from accessing!)

4 years ago

If using port 587 with gmail, i recommend selecting STARTTLS as the encryption mode on version 5+.

Last edited 4 years ago by loadtester
Reply to  loadtester
3 years ago

salve avrei problemi su notifiche via e-mail con g mail ho seguito passo passo la tua ma l email non mi arriva quella di verifica io utilizzo omv l ultima versione

Last edited 3 years ago by michele
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