I like XFCE

I really like this XFCE desktop environment. Everything feels lightweight and does not take up too much RAM. The cool thing is it is very customizable, so my first impression is very positive and the experience so far is pretty good. I have been using elementary OS since 2016, and recently switched to Xubuntu. After …

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Backing up Remmina

How does one back up their Remmina settings and connection profiles? I have been using Flatpak for a while. I like to install my apps from a single source. Hopefully, Flatpak will be a standard soon to all distro. Apparently, there are two different locations if you are using the installer from Debian or from …

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vyos stencils

VyOS Stencils

I created several stencils for VyOS. These are not the official VyOS stencils, but an unofficial one. The outcome came out pretty nicely, so I think I would share them. I made these four stencils using draw.io. See the comment section for the download link. Unzip the .zip file and let me know what do …

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