Goodbye my very first homelab

I donated my entire Cisco CCIE homelab to Goodwill the other day. One of my life long career goals is to get the Cisco CCIE, but with my current work schedule and personal life; it seems to be impossible.

This Cisco homelab got me through my CCNP. It had been great to have a physical lab. I learned a lot from this lab and it helped me with my career. I still remember the excitement that I felt when I run my very first ping between two of the routers. Jeremy Cioara videos were my training video of choice at the time.

However, it was time to let it go. I have gone digital for some time now, and the physical lab was taking up space, collecting dust and bumping up the electric bill. Instead of keeping the lab, I thought that maybe someone out there might find these network devices useful.

The digital homelab is way more convenient and efficient. It is more modular and scalable. I only need to clean the outside of the cabinet and once in a while clean the dust filters of the server case.

When I get a chance, I will post what my current setup looks like. Cheers!

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