DIY Network Cabinet

diy network cabinet

I am currently using a 12U rack cabinet that I bought from Amazon. I pretty much outgrew this cabinet and in need a bigger cabinet. I thought of getting a 20U network cabinet, but getting a new cabinet is a bit of expensive. Fortunately, I still have my Skeletek C16U 16U rack with the Skeletek HD10U-EX 10U expansion from my Cisco CCIE lab. This rack held my Cisco lab and it is the last piece of my original homelab.

I am thinking to reuse the parts of this rack and do a DIY network cabinet based on a specific dimension. This might work out for me than buying a network cabinet and probably cheaper too. I will post again about the progress and keep this DIY project in the Project section. For now, this is just a plan. I would have to design and plan this thing out.


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