Dealing with IPMI Java console in Linux

I really hate to install Java on my computer; therefore, I tried to avoid any application that requires Java. Last week, I posted a post about Upgrading the Supermicro IPMI. The problem was firmware was so old that it was still using the Java console. Fortunately, there is this IcedTea application that can be installed from the package manager. I am using Fedora, so the package is called icedtea-web. I have not tried this on Debian, but it works really well in Fedora.

# Fedora
sudo dnf install icedtea-web

# Debian
sudo apt install icedtea-netx

Figure 1 shows when I downloaded the launch.jnlp to remote control my motherboard.

Figure 1

Figure 2 shows I was able to access the BIOS.

Figure 2

Hope you’ll find this useful. Cheers!

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2 years ago

Very helpful! IcedTea works so much better on Linux than Java on Windows for these older IPMI/KVMs. Thanks for the post.

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