DokuWiki with OpenLDAP authentication

I am using the Docker container from Linuxserver for my instance of DokuWiki. This post is about enabling OpenLDAP and the local admin account for authentication. I am using Univention Corporate Server (UCS) as my OpenLDAP server. You can use any other LDAP server such as FreeIPA, ClearOS, Turnkey Linux OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, etc. …

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SnapRAID and MergerFS on OpenMediaVault

I am running SnapRAID and MergerFS. I want my data to be protected by SnapRAID and simplify the storage management across the SnapRAID disks array via MergeFS. OpenMediaVault (OMV) made this easier by having these two available as plugins. These can be installed via OMVExtras Plugins. After installing the OMVExtras, search for these two plugins …

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OpenMediaVault missing files in the Shared Folders

I recently encountered a problem. This issue is probably a bug in OpenMediaVault 4 script since I can replicate it every reboots and on my other instance of OMV. Here are the symptoms : Shared Folders (/sharedfolders) become empty Docker container images are gone VirtualBox virtual machines are gone What I think was happening was …

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