Amazon F*cking Household BS

I have been an Amazon Prime member for a very long time. I added my wife’s account to my household, so that she can take advantage of the Prime benefits. We did not realized that Amazon was charging my wife’s account a monthly subscription for the Prime membership. As far as I know, adding a family member to the Amazon Household should not penalized the household member by paying the monthly Amazon Prime membership. Amazon were charging us since 08/2019 at the same time I am paying the yearly subscription.

Kudos to the Amazon rep I was talking to she at least tried to get me refunded. However, the farthest she can do due to policies is the last 10 months.

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Deby Dallas
Deby Dallas
2 years ago

I’m starting to not like Amazon. They have started screening your replys; censoring your comments about the seller and products you buy.

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